Kathleen Pierce, PhD
Art History | Visual Culture | Medical/Health Humanities | 19th/20th-Century French Empire


Refereed Journal Articles:

2022 | “New Spaces for a New Midwifery at the Lying-In Hospital of the City of New York,” Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum 29, no. 1, web

2020 | “Photograph as Skin, Skin as Wax: Indexicality and the Visualisation of Syphilis in Fin-de-Siècle France,” Medical History, 64 no. 1, web | PDF - Awarded the 38th annual Samuel Zakon Prize from the History of Dermatology Society and the William Bynum Essay Prize from Medical History in 2017

2018 | “Scarified Skin and Simian Symptoms: Experimental Medicine and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, 17 no. 2, web | PDF - Winner of the 2019 William Koren Jr. Article Prize from the Society for French Historical Studies

Edited Collections:

2021-3 | Guest editor, with Jenevieve DeLosSantos, “Hard Lessons: Trauma, Teaching, Art History,” a critical pedagogy series for Art Journal Open 

Reviewed Contributions to Anthologies and Special Issues:

2023 |  Essay co-author (with Jenevieve DeLosSantos), “Affecting Images: A Guided Self-Reflection Document for a Trauma-Informed Art History Classroom,” Art Journal Open 

Public Scholarship, Reviews, and other Non-Refereed Writing :

2023 | Instrumentalized Images: The Trouble with Representation, Truth, and Affective Power in Histories of American Gynecology, Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal

2022 | Review of Aro Velmet, Pasteur’s Empire: Bacteriology and Politics in France, its Colonies, and the World, Nineteenth-Century French Studies 

2021 | “Holding Space: A Roundtable Conversation on Trauma and Teaching in the Museum,”  Art Journal Open, (co-author) 

2019 | “Using (or Losing) the Art History Textbook: SECAC Conference Panel Review,” Art History Teaching Resources Weekly, (co-author)

2019 | “Exhibition Review: Germ City: Microbes and the Metropolis,” Nursing Clio

2018 | “Are Our Genes Really Our Fate? DNA’s Visual Culture and the Construction of Genetic Truth,” Nursing Clio

2018 | “An Interview with the Material Collective,” Rutgers Art Review, Volume 33/34 (co-author), web | PDF

2016 | Catalogue Essays, “W. Eugene Smith’s (Untitled) Refinery Worker” and “W. Eugene Smith’s (Untitled) Man in front of canning machine” in Donna Gustafson and Andrés Zervigón, eds., The Public Image: Social Documentary Photography from the Collection of the Zimmerli Art Museum (e-book). New Brunswick, New Jersey: Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, web